Our Story

 Ashleigh Hampton:      At a young age in my free time I was caught doodling characters. The more I drew the more ideas came. That lead me to sketching clothing items with those characters. When I got into high school that was when I started to sew. I started off sewing aprons, and purses. As my skills increased I started sewing T- shirts and leggings and more. After recently finishing college with my degrees in both Fashion and Fashion Merchandising and working at various high end clothing shops, the loss of  my job and quarantine pushed me into a new direction. I decided to start sewing masks and items for family and friends.  
     Samantha Flynn:      Growing up I always wanted to be a fashion designer, I would make clothes for my barbie dolls, and sketch whenever I could. I learned to sew when I was in sixth grade in a sewing group held after school that is when I knew I wanted to make it a career. On my own I started sewing quilts, bags, wallets, and aprons. I decided to move out to LA for college to get a degree in fashion. When quarantine started it was really hard, not knowing what to do, so I started sewing quilts again and helping make masks.
That's when I met Ashleigh through a close acquaintance, we discovered that we both had the same idea for our future. After doing our own sewing projects we realized how great we work together; that is when we came up with Buttons and Bows. Having the same passion, and plenty of time on our side we decided to go on an entrepreneurial adventure. Having babies born in both families we decided it would be fun to create unique hand-made clothing items for our family and friends. 
Faded Shapes